Sunny In Person

Comments from participants at Sunny’s events:

“Sunny builds a relationship with every person in the room.”

“Where Sunny leads, her audience is sure to follow.”

“I’ve heard this topic before, but she gives me a new
understanding of it.”

“I walked out feeling like I could tackle these changes,
knowing that other women had too.”

“You laugh a lot and see yourself in a new way,
and it’s a lot of fun.”

Some of the topics Sunny has presented:

  • Top 10 Positive Choices for Women over 40
  • Staying on the High Road: A Lifetime Program of Vision and Laughter
  • I don’t know you God, but I’d like to!
  • Shortcuts to a Healthier Life
  • Become Best Friends for Life — with your husband, your parents, and your kids

Audiences enjoy Sunny’s programs and are inspired and empowered to make the changes to build a better future. Programs can be customized for your group. Contact us at