Midlife Mamas

MAMAS Cover FlatMidlife Mamas on the Moon

We’re not over the hill, we’ve moved the hill back! For the Midlife Mamas of today, 40 is the new 30, and in your 50’s, you’re just getting started. Make important choices now to build joy, bust fear, and boost energy.

Celebrate the new freedom and power of life after 40 with the book that inspires you to:

  • stop fighting with your husband and become best friends for life
  • bulk up your brain and your bones for a long life
  • trade your job for more free time, joy, and significance
  • lose your virginity – the second time around
  • discover the natural alternative to the dangerous HRT you’ve heard about
  • lose weight with your eyeballs

“This bold and joyful book will take your breath away with the prospect of just how great your second life can be. . .read it NOW. It is priceless and just might answer your most nagging questions about moving into the most powerful phase of your life.”
Marie D. Jones, author of PSIence and Life-Changing Prayers

“I’m a midlife mama and I love Sunny’s good, sound advice on enjoying the prime of life!”
Leslie Sansone, fitness personality and creator of Walk Away the Pounds

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