HOT-Cover-FlatIs it Hot in Here or am I just HOT?

Lose your virginity after 40!

This is no time to play the blushing virgin — this is your time to live with the passion and pleasure you’ve been putting into everyone else’s life. It’s your time to take responsibility for your own sexual satisfaction and growth and transport your happy partner along with you!

But wouldn’t it be nice to have a bold, savvy girlfriend to help you stand tall and jumpstart your ho-hum sex life? Popular author and midlife expert Sunny Hersh is ready to support and guide you to the secrets of romantic, sensual joy and more meaningful sex. Funny, provocative, and empowering, Sunny will help you know how HOT you really are when you:

  • Find your Libido Loca
  • Learn that Astroglide is not an amusement park ride
  • Get your man to think outside your box
  • Make love with the lights on
  • Know the secrets of Viagra and other quicker picker uppers
  • Feel like yourself again with the power tools of health and natural hormones
  • Work through pain, prostate, and medication issues
  • Find a new love even though you have more baggage than American Airlines

Most important, Sunny shows how you can become an expert on feeling confident and getting the sex you deserve. Drawing on her long, happy marriage and her experiences as a wellness educator, Sunny is the author of Midlife Mamas on the Moon and the internet newsletter Boomer Bites. She reveals the facts and fictions of sex after 40 with honesty, optimism, and no-holds-barred guts.

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