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Yukky puffy?

Did you ever wonder if the nylon cleansing puff you use in the shower was growing bad things?  I throw mine in the washer occasionally, but in between you can do the same thing you do with your kitchen scrubby sponge – microwave it for 30 seconds.  Speaking of yucky, sharpen your eyeliner pencil every time you use it.

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Pucker Up

If you find that kissing gets your motor running, it’s not all in your mind!  Male saliva contains testosterone, and the T gets transferred when you kiss.  And who knew – studies show kissing reduces cholesterol, burns calories and relieves stress. In addition, the brain and bloodstream fill up with dopamine, creating a natural high.

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Perfect Day

What would a perfect day of eating look like?  Start out with some unflavored rolled or steel-cut oatmeal with walnuts, berries, and/or a banana.  Flavor with a little maple syrup or peanut butter. Starbucks (and even McDonalds) has a version of this.  Some days, have two egg whites scrambled with one whole egg, with some Canadian bacon and whole wheat toast on the side.  Have an apple about 10 am – one a day keeps the chubbies away.  A chef’s salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar is great for lunch, especially if you amp up the protein with some chunks of low-salt turkey breast (hold the croutons and cheese). Low-fat string cheese or sugar-free, low-fat yogurt with a 100-calorie pack of almonds or walnuts is ideal in the afternoon, skipping most carbs and upping the healthy fat.  The uber dinner consists of wild-caught grilled salmon (frozen is cheaper), steamed vegetables, and that one glass of Pinot Noir you enjoy.  New York state brands such as Fox Run, Dr. Konstantin Frank, and Casa Larga have the highest concentration of heart-healthy resveratrol, as do organic brands.  Watermelon, cherry juice, or 1% milk an hour before bed have sleep-inducing ingredients that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.  Of course, a vegetarian or vegan day will look different but may be even healthier, so why not alternate?  Seitan on the barbie, anyone?

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…stands for Know the Important Signs and Symptoms of ovarian cancer.  Pain in your pelvis or abdomen.  Strong and frequent need to urinate.  Abdominal bloating.  Difficulty eating or a tendency to feel full quickly.  When you have these common symptoms 12 or more times per month in a given year, ask your doc for a CA125 blood test and a Trans Vaginal Ultrasound.  Better safe than sorry!

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Such a deal!

Yes, you can buy giant packages of cheese crackers and Cap’n Crunch at your discount warehouse, but you can buy good stuff, too!  Better prices on organic produce, eggs, dairy and chicken will justify the membership if you shop regularly.  The meat, produce and poultry tend to be higher quality than in most supermarkets and I’ve recently found two more products to help me get my fish servings.  Louis Kemp Crab Delights (actually Alaskan Pollock) stays fresh and is so convenient in stir fries and “crab salad.”  Plunk frozen wild salmon burgers on the grill and ya got yer Omega 3’s goin’ on, nice n’ easy!

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