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Microbe Magnets

Better grab those wipes as you push the shopping cart, as 8 in 10 handles have E.coli.  Ditto the wipe-o on your cell and office phones, which carry 500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.  Other culprits: lobby-level buttons, soap dispensers, and your keyboard and mouse.  Oh, and get a flu shot too!

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Cheater Dudes

Two kinds of men were 5 times more likely to cheat on their wives – those who were completely dependent on their wife’s income and those who earned significantly more than their female partners.  Apparently, you can’t win for losing… or winning!?  So Laid-Off Dude, Stay-at-Home Dad, and Jet Set Darling are more likely to stray, while the opposite is true of women.  Economically dependent women are less likely to cheat.

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Thermo instead of Mammo?

I’ve been having annual mammograms since I was 40 and I’m now 58 – that’s a lot of radiation!  And now I’ve had radiation for thyroid cancer.  Who knew that was gonna happen?  So you can understand why I’m good with NOT having annual mammograms anymore.  But what’s the alternative? Studies show that a breast thermogram identifies precancerous or cancerous cells earlier BEFORE THE FORMATION OF A TUMOR, produces clearer results, and doesn’t hurt the body.  Even pregnant and nursing women can have thermography and it’s a good choice for (more…)

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