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Warning for Women

Divorce is now filed by three times more women over 40 than it was in the early 90’s, with women in 30 or 40-year marriages citing self-fulfillment and lack of connection as the reason they’re ending their marriages.  Think Tipper and Al Gore, who exemplify this “we just grew apart” trend in which infidelity is seldom a factor.  “I have 25 or 30 more years, I want to enjoy them,” is the thinking of these robust, financially independent women.  But if you’re going to be dating again, please, please read the article  by Susan Brown on,  “A Warning For Women.”   An attractive, successful grandma, Susan dated an equally attractive Frenchman named Philippe Padieu – and later found out he was dating nine other women at the same time!  She and five other women contracted HIV/AIDS from him, took him to court, and put him away for 45 years.  Here’s her advice: “Nice-looking, polite gentlemen can indeed carry deadly diseases and nice, old grandmas can get them…Bring your own condom…Insist on using the condom (more…)

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Soup Diet

There’s a lot of chatter online about the soup diet because it does work!  The liquid and vegetables create stomach-filling volume and the can is automatic portion control – but only if you realize that most cans are 2 servings.  Two of the online favorites are Progresso’s Light Zesty Santa Fe Style Chicken (80 cals/12 carb/2 fiber/460 sodium) and High Fiber Chicken Tuscany (130/20/7/690) and – let’s be honest – most of us eat the whole can, maybe pouring off some broth to cut down on salt.  I also liked Progresso’s Chunky Tomato Reduced Sodium (100/17/3/480), though I did kinda miss that grilled cheese sandwich my mom used to give me with tomato soup.  My favorite soup was Annie Chun’s Udon Soup Bowl (110/22/1/460) in it’s own bowl made of cornstarch, with other flavors available like (more…)

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