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Pastured eggs

I always thought my neighbor with the chickens on his 1 acre of property was a little kooky, with his rooster crowing day and night!  But it turns out he was onto something because eggs fresh off the farm have higher levels of Vitamin E and 2.5 times the omega-3 fatty acids.  To find a place to buy eggs from pastured, not caged, hens, check

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Lower Vajay Dose

That proverbial desert of midlife and beyond can now be treated with a lower dose of Vagifem, 10 mcg of bioidentical estradiol versus the previous dose of 25 mcg.  The loss of estrogen associated with menopause causes shrinking, thinning, and decreased lubrication of the vaginal walls.  This lower dose of Vagifem alleviates the dryness, pain with urination, and painful intercourse in most women as well as the higher dose by delivering a small amount of estrogen directly to the vagina via a small tablet inserted with an applicator.  Premarin Cream is NOT the same product, it is made with “conjugated estrogens” that are NOT identical to your natural estrogens.

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Booster Blueberries

Blueberries have a profound effect on your brain, whether in an all-natural, no-additive juice or a half-to-full cup of whole blueberries each day.  Test subjects showed improved memory function, reduced depressive symptoms, and better blood sugar control.

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Frozen Fishies

Frozen blueberries have the highest nutrition and so do frozen fish!  Your best catch is frozen wild Alaska Salmon, which can be moved in more carbon-friendly ways than fresh fish, which must be air-freighted.  Responsible fish farming, though, is the wave of the future, since wild fish of all stripes are getting into the “over-fishing” category. I always have trouble fitting in that second serving of fish each week, but recently discovered frozen Ocean Beauty Salmon Burgers.  Throw it on a whole wheat bun and get those omegas!  Preferred prep is messy pan frying, grilling may leave a fishy smell, but bake in your oven or toaster oven on a foil-covered pan and you’ve got no muss, no fuss moist fish!

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