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Snack alert

And speaking of comforting foods, have you noticed that you don’t NEED that 3 pm snack when you’re on vacation or having a great time on a Saturday excursion?  If that’s true, then you probably don’t need that snack to make it until dinner, you’re just bored with your daily routine.  Try taking a walk or having a cup of green tea instead.

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Here’s to you?

Powerful men and younger lovers – go together like a horse and carriage?  But powerful women?  Nah!  Can you picture Hillary or Nancy cavorting with a 19-year-old?  Better start picturing, ‘cause that’s what 60-year-old Iris Robinson, a married member of Northern Ireland’s Parliament, actually did.  A family friend asked her to “look after the boy” on his deathbed, and she supplemented the affair by setting young Kirk up in a café with $80,000 provided by local developers (and kept $8,000 for herself).  Ooops!  The BBC outed the affair and Mrs. Robinson resigned – here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson?!  Should women feel ‘empowered’ that, like Bill Clinton, the lad looked up to her?  Should we cheer that, as with Mark Sanford, her lover was a family friend?  Are we now just as unfaithful and devious as men?  Is this a new dawn of equality in sexual politics or a new low in the history of women in public life?  Like Tiger Woods and John Edwards, the affair involved (more…)

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