Sunny Hersh



Kids and weight

In “The Fat Trap,” an article in The New York Times Magazine, Peggy Orenstein writes about how to talk about weight issues to our daughters and granddaughters.  “By the time my own daughter was born, I realized that avoiding conversations about food, health and body image would be impossible: what I didn’t say would speak as loudly as anything I did. So rather than opt out, I decided to actively model something different, something saner. I’ve tried to forget all I once knew about calories, carbs, fat and protein; I haven’t stepped on a scale in seven years.  At dinner I pointedly enjoy what I eat, whether it’s steamed broccoli or pecan pie. I don’t fetishize food or indulge in foodieism. I exercise because it feels good, and I never, ever talk about weight. Honestly? It feels entirely unnatural, this studied unconcern, and it forces me to be more vigilant than ever about what goes in and what comes out of my mouth. Maybe my daughter senses that, but this conscious antidiet is the best I can do.”  I encourage you to go to the New York Times website and read the whole article about walking the line between “being conscious” and “encouraging negative self-consciousness.”

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