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Pro-you probiotics

Jamie Lee keeps pushing the probiotics for digestive health, but it turns out you can use your sick days to go shopping if you take probiotics year ‘round.  Turns out that the digestive system is “command central” for the immune system as well!  Fewer sick days, fevers, coughs, and runny noses were observed in a study contrasting those who took a probiotic supplement twice daily vs placebo.  To get the most bifidus for your buck, buy a supplement that combines both Lactobacillus (as in yogurt) and Bifidobacterium, a blend found in i Flora’s multi probiotic and Source Naturals Life Flora mix.  Moms, the research was done on kids, so if you want to dodge those days off from school, probiotics are the way to go.

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Gingko vs. cancer

The herbal gingko biloba has failed to preserve mental sharpness in many double-blind studies. But a recent study showed that women who took gingko supplements for six months or longer were shown to have a 60 percent lower risk for ovarian cancer!  Additional lab tests found that a low dosage of active compound gingkoglide caused ovarian cancer cells to stop growing, particularly in the non-mucinous type of ovarian cancer cell.

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