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Hot, hot, hot

We’ve all heard that breast cancer drugs worsen hot flashes, but migraine drugs, antibiotics, and hypertension drugs?  Yeah, even some of the antidepressants like Prozac and Effexor, prescribed to lessen hot flashes, can make them worse in some people.  There’s a list at 

And no, it’s not hot in here, it’s just you!

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Protect with Pom

The pronouncement from prostate research points to pomegranate juice for potent prostate protection from potential cancer.  Say that 10 times fast!  Yeah, a daily 8 ozs of Pom Wonderful significantly slowed cancer progression in a recent study.  Other claims for pomegranate juice include promoting blood flow and reducing plaque, thereby preventing heart attacks and strokes.  The claim is that pom juice has more antioxidant power than red wine or green tea!  Arthritis and osteoporosis are also on the pom protection list.

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We’ll see

Some good doctors don’t know how they feel about the new mammogram and pap smear guidelines, and neither do I.  I do know that I’ve probably had more radiation than I needed to, many nights of anxiety from false positives, and many extra procedures that I didn’t need.  But that’s all hindsight, which would’ve been reversed with one actual diagnosis of breast or cervical cancer.  Let’s see how it shakes out.  Here’s a quote from from reknowned breast specialist Dr. Susan Love “These new recommendations are long overdue. Most countries do not support mammography screening under 50 and do it every other year after 50 in their government-sponsored screening programs,” said Dr. Susan Love, founder of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.   “I hope that the insurers will change reimbursement, because it is probably the only way that women will be spared the extra radiation exposure of too many mammograms,” Love said. “Since our system pays the radiologist, hospital or mammography center and biopsying surgeon by the more they do, there is no incentive for this to come from the medical profession.”

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