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Death by granite?

Well, sure, granite is from the ground, but who knew your granite countertops could emit radon?  All granite emits some radon, the naturally occurring radioactive gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarettes.  Red, pink, and purple granite slabs are apparently the biggest offenders, but most have a trace of radon well below the 4 pcq level that would have an effect.  To check on the cheap, put out one of the $15 home testers on your counter (windows closed) the next time you go out for the day.

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Most contact lens wearers’ infections come from the CASE, not the lenses.  You need to get a new case every three months (c’mon, a 12-pack is eight bucks)!  Rinse, clean with solution, and air dry after every use or as often as you can stand it.

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In the mood

Oh, boy! 44% of women ages 45-64 say they have problems with desire, arousal, and/or orgasm.  After you’ve gotten some decent sleep, food, and exercise and you’ve made sure that the inside of your vagina  is properly estrogenized (Vagifem), another thing to try is Zestra (drugstores).  Zestra’s botanical oils, applied externally a few minutes before any lubricant, have a way of jazzing up your sensitivity.  To jazz up the mind, try an erotic romance novel like Ann Jacob’s “A Mutual Favor,” a mix of great characters and steamy love.  The lowest possible dose of bioidentical estradiol, prescribed by your doctor as Evamist, may simultaneously cool hot flashes and raise hot feelings.

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