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Cover the boo-boo

You clean that cut with soap and water and then you wonder “Should I cover it?”  The answer is YES!  A cut covered with antibacterial ointment or Vaseline and a bandage will heal 40% faster – no need for the boo-boo to breathe.  “Breathing” brings scabs, and scabs hinder healing.

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Duck the Swine

You really can duck the swine — and any other flu that comes along.  First of all, wash your hands already!  I’m astonished when I see the women in my gym handle those sweaty weights and mats and then pick up their kids from the baby sitter without washing their hands!  I’d say in an average day I wash my hands five or six times – after the gym, after errands, before and after eating, before handling anything in my kitchen, before bed.  OK.  Use disinfecting wipes on phones, counters, desktops, doorknobs, faucets, and keyboards.  So then, are you getting your sleep and taking your multivitamin, especially your Vitamins C and D?  Maybe a little extra D?  Those are the basic flu fighters and then there’s oscillococcinum, a homeopathic pill you can buy in drugstores. Why haven’t you heard of it?  Simple – no one can pronounce it. This stuff that you can’t pronounce (you should’ve heard them try on the Today Show) receives rave reviews from doctors, celebrities and people from age 2 to 102!  Taken at the first sign of flu symptoms, this supplement claims to cut your sick time from 3-7 days to 24 hours.  Available worldwide for over 65 years, many independent studies have confirmed that it actually does work!  Coldcalm, which also has many fans, is their product to head off a cold when you or your child feels a tickle.  Movie stars use them before the Oscars, TV people pass it around during intense filming, and you could use it before an important event, meeting, or test.  It couldn’t hurt!

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