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Plantar Redux

Last letter we talked about stretching and botox for the heel pain of plantar fasciitis.  Turns out shoe inserts like the Bauerfeind Visco-Heel and the Tuli Heel Cup, available on , are another inexpensive but effective answer for this painful condition. You may need sneakers, boots, or tie-shoes about a half size bigger to wear the inserts.  Is there anything LESS sexy than bunions?  Amazon also has a flexible $60 splint to be worn in shoes and a rigid one to be worn at night; both can delay or end the need for bunion surgery.

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Hormone happenings

A promising drug for low libido in women, bremelanotide, has been abandoned due to a small percentage of higher blood pressure in clinical trials.  Always interesting, since Viagra has that effect on many men and it was still released with great fanfare.  Hmmm.  The new hopeful “Viagra for women” is flibanserin, a drug investigated for depression that turned out to increase the whoopee quotient in women.  Clinical trials involving 5,000 women are proceeding nicely toward a 2011 approval.  Libigel, a testosterone replacement gel for women, is also in stage three trials.  You can get 1 or 2% micronized testosterone cream today from (more…)

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Urge to Splurge

Pets trumped shopping in a recent survey of what made women happy!  Retail sales continue to plummet and even the venerable Nordstrom July sale was down almost 7% over last year.  Part of the problem may be that intimidated retailers aren’t putting anything new and sexy out there because they’re playing it safe.  Another aspect may be the aging shoppers – don’t you have that déjà vu feeling when you pick up many “new” fashions and food products?  Prime shopping years are listed as age 35 to age 54.  Many of those who are tired of penny pinching still want the same things – new clothes, a vacation (more…)

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Batgirl Goodbye

In midlife, we no longer have arms, we have wingspans!  Those batwings will take flight if your gym offers a new class called Krankcycle, motivating you to do more, and more and MORE just like a spinning class.  No such class? Duplicate on the arm cycle at your gym with great tunes on your ipod and crank away at those triceps, biceps, shoulders, and back while you give your legs a break.  Find great mixes on

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