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Bleached Baby Carrots?

You may’ve gotten the email – baby carrots are “saturated” with bleach and are made from larger, rotten ones.  No and no – the FDA recommends that most precut veggies (including frozen) and supermarket whole veggies are rinsed in a wash that may include chlorine (less than is in your tap water) to prevent foodborne illness.  The “white blush” on the veggies after a few days is not bleach, it’s simply dehydration.  The babies are made from carrot roots with the same nutrients as all carrots, but organic is always a good idea.

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She was so healthy!

Slim, nonsmoking, fit boomers – both famous and infamous – are dropping dead all over the place.  If you have heart disease in your family, those statins, blood pressure drugs, fiber-filled breakfasts and brisk walks can help to keep you off the casualty list but you can’t totally modify family history.  A close relative younger than 55 with coronary disease increases heart attack risk, period.  You don’t have to feel the classic symptoms – chest heaviness, nausea, a cold sweat – to have major blockages in the vessels leading to the heart.  You can have shortness of breath, anxiety, fatigue or no symptoms at all.  And women after menopause actually have higher (more…)

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P Whizz!

When do you dash to the lav during Harry Potter’s latest adventure?  According to , a good time is when Harry takes his professor to visit Hagrid, a bit less than two hours into the movie.  RunPee gives you the cue and the gist of what happens while you’re away (tho it’s never a spoiler) so you can piece it together after you’ve gone and refill that 64-ounce drink.  You’ve still got an hour to go, by the way, so sip slowly.  If the soda hits you after you leave, you can check for the nearest restroom.

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G Whizz!

So what’s with the G-Spot? First of all, many women wonder WHERE is it?  Is it like Little Red Riding Hood, over the river and through the woods?  Maybe it’s like the Loch Ness Monster, frequently reported but never truly substantiated.  Or maybe the G-Spot is a concept invented by men, planned as a puzzle to make women more experimental about sex.  In my book Is it HOT in here, or am I just HOT?, I answer all the questions about The Spot and explain that researching the G is like life in general – the fun is in the journey, not the destination!  Is it HOT in here or am I just HOT?  and Midlife Mamas on the Moon are both available on

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