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Dry down there

When I’m out and about speaking to women’s groups, there’s always someone who takes me aside and shyly asks what to do about vaginal dryness.  In other words, there’s a fire in the hole!   I cover this in detail in both my books (available at ) but here’s the short answer – prescription Vagifem.  These bioidentical vaginal suppositories 2x per week are good for maintenance, but you (more…)

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Nightly Pit Stop

Antiperspirants effectively block sweat, but need some time to get into the sweat ducts.  Apply them AT NIGHT before bed; even your morning shower won’t wash them off.  Brush teeth, apply deo.

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Fire up the grill

…and fire up the cancer-causing heterocyclic amines?  There’s been scuttlebut for years that overcooked meat and chicken on the grill form HCAs, but does that cause cancer?  They do in animals, and one study found that the men who ate the most very-well-done meat were 70 percent more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.  How to cut the HCA’s and still grill?  Marinating, flipping frequently, and microwaving briefly before cooking can cut HCA formation.  Stay away from the drippings on the serving platter – they have the most HCAs of all.

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