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Guess Grandma was right

Regularity, ok, but prunes actually building bones?  Those admittedly sweet but ugly little turdlike things outperforming expensive medication?   You could’ve knocked Dr. Arjmandi over with a prune pit when not only did the rats in his study not lose bone, they GAINED bone mass in the hip, some as much as 11%.  Final study results in 2009, same rat time, same rat place.  Turns out 10 prunes a day keeps the bone inhibitor away, but the doc advises you to start with 2 or 3 or the results could be explosive.  Fresh plums don’t do the same thing, since only certain fresh plums can become prunes.  Who knew?

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This little piggy

This little piggy pumps up your wrinkles?  Evolence, a new longer lasting collagen made from pig’s tendons, works especially well in deeper creases like your marionette lines, those lines that run from nose to mouth.  A lighter version will be available soon for those fine lines around your lips.

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Wrap, rub, or zap me?

If you got a spa certificate as a holiday gift, you may wonder what the heck to order off that fancy schmantzy spa menu.  Well, Numero Uno, a massage.  There are so many health benefits to massage it’s a no-brainer, you just have to decide how firmly you want the masseuse to proceed.  Trigger point massage is tough but effective for lower back pain, and you’re always good with the Swedish option.  Hot stones?  I’m suspicious when I hear “removes toxins,” so I’d leave the stones on the table.  Add the lymphatic-drainage massage?  Sounds gross, but yes, it can (more…)

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