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Flush your belly! New Research

Hah!  Gotcha!  We’re all looking for that magic bullet that will change the number on the scale, but at this point in our weight-watching lives, we know the truth.  We have to gut it out with small, consistent, conscious daily changes to reach that goal weight and stay there.  Go for walks, keep a food diary, hold the mayo, two slices of whole grain bread total daily, forget the pizza, split the restaurant meal or order a non-creamy soup and an appetizer – you know the drill.  
New research shows a couple of things that are common sense, but you may have missed them: 1) a boring diet improves weight loss 2) increase water, decrease diet soda 3) 80% of weight loss is eating right, 20% exercise (you can lose weight without exercising).
Several studies show that eating the same two calorie-controlled breakfast/lunch menus most days makes it easier  (more…)

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Crestor confusion

A recent ecstatic study lauded cholesterol drug Crestor, claiming that the drug reduced the amount of plaque in arteries  and “prevents deaths, heart attacks, strokes, episodes of chest pain, and other serious events.”  The drug  worked so well in a trial, the study was halted because it was “unethical to withhold the drug from the placebo group.”  Ok, a good plaque flush is something to get excited about, especially now that Vytorin and Zetia bit the dust.   But I’m confused – at one point, Crestor seemed on the verge of being pulled off the market because (more…)

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Mr. & Mrs. Happy

In my book Is it HOT, I wrote about PT 141, now known as Bremelanotide.  This nasal spray is in Phase III testing and has had good results in desire and arousal for women and men, and has an additional “boner benefit”  in men – in other words, everything we need to create instant Mr. and Mrs. Happy in the bedroom.  Downsides in some testers are nausea, flushing, and an increase in blood pressure and menstrual bleeding, so they’ll have to work that out and we’ll have to continue to be healthy if we want to enjoy this stuff when it hits pharmacies.  Also in the running for the Mr. & Mrs. Happy Crown is (more…)

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