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Folic acid follies

Since 1998, flour, bread, cereal, pasta, rice and other grain products have been fortified with folic acid to end folate deficiency in child-bearing women, a deficiency that results in spina bifida.   But folic acid may carry  a double-edged sword, since both healthy cells AND cancer cells use folate to make new cells.  Too much of a good thing may be bad, and a slight increase in colorectal cancer may be attributable to fortification.  We don’t want those hidden rogue cells feasting, do we, particularly those breast, colon, and prostate cancer bad guys?  The key may be  (more…)

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Too old/diabetic to treat?

80% of those over 80 have high blood pressure, but Grandma and Grandpa were afraid to treat it, fearing side effects.  But that game is OVER, after a huge, placebo-controlled study with patients whose average age was 84 showed dramatic improvement in stroke, heart attack, and death rates.  There is no question that  many of our Moms and Dads should go on a diuretic or perhaps a combination product like Hyzaar if blood pressure is uncontrolled high.  Diabetes and previous heart attacks and strokes may change the drug combination that’s recommended.  Another large study put an end to the diabetic/statin question – the answer to the question is YES!  Diabetics significantly lower their risk of heart attack and stroke by taking a statin.

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Supersize sneakers

Favorite sneakers giving you trouble?  You’ve bought the same trusty brand, same size for years, but suddenly you have blisters?  Try taking it up a half size!  Yes, the same gruesome gravity that’s grabbed your chin, chest, and upper arms (or should I say wingspans?) may have gotten to your arches.  You’ll go up at least half a size in your 40’s and 50’s and may go higher as the foot widens and flattens, proving once again that aging ain’t no duck walk (or maybe it is).  I recently went up part of a half size, so I wear the bigger size with two pairs of socks.  Perfect!

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