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Is midlife a time of misery?

A recent study of two million people from around the world determined that the arc of lifetime happiness is in the shape of a U – youth and old age are the high points and middle age is that muck on the bottom!  OK, youth can = unlimited health, beauty, and future potential.  But personally, leapfrogging back to my 20’s brings back memories of always LONGING for something, never feeling GOOD ENOUGH.  Maybe that’s the way God keeps us always moving forward!  In my 30’s, it was understood that partners pitch in on kids, careers, and home and that self-care and romance go on the back burner  for a decade or so.  The operative phrase was AS SOON AS…  and many of us are still living that phrase into midlife.  And what about (more…)

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Dopey, Sleepy, and Sneezy

Now is the time to get your act together if your allergies kick up in March – therapies started before the season work much better than those begun in the midst of the sniffling.  If your allergies seem worse in recent years, global warming may play a role, since ragweed has a longer growing season and there are studies that show that we’re growing more pollen per plant in relatively warmer temperatures.  For the natural approach to allergies, try saline nasal spray or (more…)

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Swabbing for lemons

Did you get the email about fecal bacteria on the lemon in your Diet Coke?  Science professors in Jersey started swabbing those lemons and found all manner of nasty bacteria on the lemons piquantly perched on your water, tea, or soda.  Food handlers are supposed to wear gloves or use tongs, but it’s common practice to just pop it on there with bare hands.  The good news – there’s no proof it can cause infection.  But you might think twice before ordering that lemon.  And speaking of diet soda – there’s new research that it causes weight gain because your body loses the ability to associate sweetness with high calories and fullness, and you just want more, More, MORE. 

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