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Statins make you stupid?

At one point, doctors joked that statins were so effective, we’d be putting them in the drinking water.  But lately they’ve taken a few hits.  A trial of designer drug Vytorin showed it was no more effective than a simple generic statin.  Many reports point out that there’s no data to show that statins prolong life, and many believe they should only be prescribed to those who’ve already evidenced heart disease.  And now there’s a lot of anecdotal stuff that statins make you stupid – cognitive effects, like muddled thinking and forgetfulness, that particularly seem to affect women taking statins.  People complain they suddenly forget the name of a grandchild, get lost while driving in a familiar area, or start a sentence and then can’t finish it.  Some have been diagnosed with early dementia, only to recover when they went off their statin!  Which seems weird, because there’s also been a lot of hubbub about statins preventing dementia, and isn’t confusion on the way to dementia?  The main point is this – (more…)

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When a thong is just wrong

Holy granny panties!  In midlife, we’re not ready for the grannies but we’ve graduated from thongs.  Putting a thong on the average 50ish bod is like dressing up a pork chop as a hot wing – it just doesn’t work!  And even young thangs don’t necessarily enjoy pulling a string from between the cheeks.  I don’t yet need something to hold my Depends in place, but I don’t want a plumb line where the sun don’t shine either! If you don’t enjoy having your butt flossed, but you do enjoy that lecherous look in your guy’s eyes, what to do?   I’ve personally been on an informal search for years, and I’ve got the microfiber, lace, and cotton rejects clogging my top drawer to prove it!  We all make the same mistake on this quest – standing around staring at (more…)

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