Sunny Hersh



Dirty, dirty vices we love

And while we’re on the yuck factor, don’t we love our morning coffee and our fancy vodka martinis?  But who knew that coffee and vodka are made from two of the dirtiest, most chemically-treated crops out there?  Coffee is commonly treated with synthetic petroleum-based fertilizers that destroy soil and water.  Go for the Certified Organic coffee, and while you’re checking the label, look for Shade Grown and Fair Trade, too.
Even top-shelf vodka is made from grain that’s sprayed  with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides linked to cancer and neurological problems.  Organic vodkas Rain and Square One cost about the same as other premium brands, but use organic grain grown in America.  At this point, you should be drinking organic milk, coffee, wine, and vodka and eating mostly organic produce and eggs.  Organic = less chemicals in your body and better farming practices for your earth.

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