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Romanced by another vitamin

…but this supplement could be the real thing!  We’ve believed claims about vitamins like C and E, and then felt stupid and let down when studies showed they didn’t do what we thought they would.  But Vitamin D is riding in on a white horse, big time!  Researchers have analyzed hundreds of studies and are suggesting that getting enough D could drive down mortality rates of 16 types of cancer by up to 70%, killing (more…)

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Your purse is you.

Yes, it’s true.  If your purse is a portable black hole where you carry the weight of the world, you are among the walking wounded.  Oh, you’ve got the style thing down. You may not understand why someone would get on a waiting list to buy a $10,000 Birkin bag.  You may balk at carrying a bag with someone else’s name or initials written on it in a repeating design.  You may have gone for the Target model that looked just like the tasseled, buckled, alligator number in Vogue but sold for roughly one/fortieth of the original’s price.  Or you played it safe with the good copy of the initialed bag that your wealthy girlfriend sports.  You bought a bag that had enough – but not too much – room for a neat collection of a few – but not too many — basics.  It had pockets for your stuff and you started out so well, sunglasses in the sunglass pocket and cell phone in the phone pocket. You had the best intentions.  But then you ran a bunch of errands, put so much in it you can’t zip it, bought bigger sunglasses, forgot to zip the makeup bag that came with that free gift, and allowed your reading glasses to become scratched and entangled in a mass of TicTacs, store coupons, deposit slips, receipts, and questionable tissues.  So it that the real you – a bargain bag with a bunch of rubbish floating around in the bottom?    If the answer is no, it’s time to (more…)

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One, two, buckle my shoe

…three, four, his sperm get in the door.  British researchers found that when a woman reaches the Big O anytime between a minute before to 45 minutes after her lover does, she retains quite a bit more sperm than she does after intimacy without the O.  The contractions send the sperm farther up the river than those paddling without the O.  So if you or anyone you know is trying to get pregnant, remember that Madame may need some attention to make it happen!  If your usual timetable of who makes it to the finish line first is disrupted, no worries.  If Clyde Drexler can be on Dancing with the Stars, you and your man can change places in the O line for once!  Or, even better, you can buckle your shoe several times in the same session, before and after.

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Say whaaat?

Some fun, useless facts – 1) It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it.  2) You can’t tickle yourself.  3) Volleyball is the most popular sport at nudist camps. 3) Pirates wore earrings because they believed it improved their eyesight. 4) Ketchup was originally sold as medicine.  5) The glue on Israeli postage stamps is kosher.  6) You may have more wrinkles on the left side of your face because of sun damage while driving.

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Beyond chick lit

You know how the door of the bedroom closes when a couple gets together in most romantic novels?  They’re kissing, and then…you see them later, holding hands.  Well, there’s a whole class of novels for women that really gets into the details.  Definitely a guilty pleasure, you wouldn’t leave them hanging around for the kids to read.  You wouldn’t even want them reading the back cover!  The category is called erotic romance and many women enjoy them as a source of, let’s say, romantic inspiration.  Who knew? Of course, as in all romance, the women are attractive and the men are wealthy and there’s something keeping them apart that they will overcome.  But when they do get together, (more…)

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