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The new smart suck

Is the new Smart Lipo really better?  If you tour the before-and-after photos of doctors who perform traditional liposuction, you see lots of bruising and read about long recovery times.  Traditional lipo requires general anesthesia (a huge risk factor), while Smart Lipo infuses only the area to be treated with a saline solution containing a local anesthetic.  So the new Smart Lipo laser has been shown to have fewer risks and side effects, shorter recovery times, and the additional benefit of stimulating collagen that will grow and tighten skin for several months after surgery. Especially when combined with (more…)

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Me and my Vajayjay

It all started when Miranda Bailey, a pregnant doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, told an intern to stop looking at her Vajayjay as her private parts were on display during labor.  Then Oprah, a Grey’s Anatomy fan, used it on her show.  Then Tyra Banks, Jimmy Kimmel, and a bunch of blogs started spouting this new word for your vagina.  It’s everywhere now, but how do we feel about it?  Is it just another word used because we’re (more…)

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Thicker hair makes your waist look thinner

so how do we achieve it?  The Numero Uno way is with a good haircut with the following features: 1) shoulder length or slightly shorter 2) layered all over 3) with full, side-swept bangs 4) with a side part that’s on the diagonal.  I’ve found that volumizing shampoos make my hair tangled and fuzzy, and I apply conditioner only to the ends of my hair to keep from weighing it down.  Blow-drying in sections is a must, and stylists are divided on applying mousse or gel to just the roots or the whole head.  Experiment.  


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Medical sleep study = weight loss?

If your doctor prescribes a medical sleep study, don’t be afraid that you (or your husband) won’t be able to sleep in a strange place; a mild sedative will help you ignore the wires.  Those who’ve done it and been prescribed the CPAP machine for apnea have found the tremendous increase in energy from a good night’s sleep worth the bulky machine.  Most lose weight because they just feel better in every way, breaking the vicious cycle of overeating because they feel tired all the time.  Often when the weight is lost, the machine is no longer needed for a night’s sleep.  Good synergy.    

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The thrill is gone

and that’s normal.  Recent studies point out that the infatuation stage of a relationship is relatively short-lived and that a more relaxed mode is the norm for most couples.  Yes, there are those couples who seem to permanently reside on Planet Cootchie Coo, but a different reality is OK, too.  If there are things about your partner (more…)

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