Sunny Hersh



Yeast or another beast?

Two-thirds of women who run to the drugstore to treat a yeast infection are treating the wrong thing!  The itching, the burning, and the discharge may actually be bacterial vaginosis, trichimonas, urinary tract infection, allergies, or treatable STD’s like chlamydia, herpes, or HPV.  So what’s a girl to do to avoidpumping the wrong meds up there?  A simple $6.50 test like pHem Alert from your drug store determines the likelihood of a yeast infection by showing the ph level of your vagina.  Most women just need to eat some yogurt to normalize the vagina, but a new OTC weapon against yeast infection is AZO Yeast, a homeopathic oral supplement or suppository that both treats and prevents yeast infection. 
Bacterial vaginosis, characterized by a strong “fishy” odor after intercourse, becomes more common in women after menopause or if they are diabetic. Watch out for lubricants with glycerin, that’s a form of sugar that can make it worse.  It must be treated with antibiotics like clindamycin. 


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