Sunny Hersh



Scary facts about boob jobs

If you, your friend, or your daughter are considering breast augmentation surgery, you’re in good company – more than 340,000 American women will this year, making it the number one cosmetic surgery after liposuction.
After 40 and a few kids, it’s highly likely you’ll need a breast lift along with your augmentation.  Part of what that usually means is moving your nipple!  Yeeouch!  Obvious scars, capsular contracture (hardening and tightening), skin rippling, and double bubble (sagging under the crease) problems are more common as you age as well. The actual percentages on what can go wrong are a little disturbing, like the fact that

a 25-year-old woman will probably need to replace her implants TWICE over her lifetime!  Move over Pamela Anderson!  The average life of implants before rupture is 13 to 15 years.  You have a 15% chance of losing sensation in the nipple and 26% of all women have a redo surgery to correct size or problems like contracture.  Guys say that they can “feel” when a woman has implants, and bar banter about whether breasts are “real” or not is common among the boys.  Some guys enjoy the eagerness of the “tricked out” boobies and others think the whole idea is just gross.  The motivation for the surgery has to come from you, not from the guy who bought you implants as a gift!


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