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Every month I list the fun and informative blurbs that appeared in Boomer Bites.  Here they all are, one more time:


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If you ask some cardiologists, statin drugs will soon be added to our drinking water.

OK, only kidding.  But we do hear that “cholesterol” word a lot at our post-40 checkups, don’t we?  The drug company drones have been busy churning out research that shows that in addition to lowering the cholesterol, triglycerides, and CRP levels in our blood, statins lower the formation of plaques that characterize Alzheimer’s and they lower diabetes and general cancer risk.   Yet a 2006 meta-analysis of previous studies concluded that “taking statins regularly may reduce the risk of major heart and cerebrovascular events such as heart attack and stroke but not coronary heart disease or overall death rate.”  In other words, these expensive drugs don’t make you live any longer!  Recommended for diabetics and those with cardiac risk factors, the analysis did not (more…)

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