Sunny Hersh



Where, oh, where has my waistline gone?! I’m eating well, exercising, but gaining weight!

Most of us will acknowledge the truth – we eat too much and move too little.  The new drug Acomplia/Zimulti (due this summer) can increase your weight loss results.  But what about the whole midlife metabolism slowdown – fact or fiction?  Americans lose 10-20% of their ability to burn calories with each decade after age 25, but only because they become less active.  Active seniors show only a 2% total slowdown over their lifetime, so the ball’s back in your court on that excuse!  And it’s true that buff  Betty and Biff burn more calories while they sleep because muscle boosts metabolism.
Especially when observing your pizza-popping slender sister, don’t you sometimes feel that you “don’t eat that much?”  Studies consistently show that we underestimate how many calories we take in; a New England Journal of Medicine study revealed that dieters who reported eating and burning 1,000 calories/day were actually consuming 2,000 calories and burning about 750. The answer? (more…)

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