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Viagra – The Big Blue Elephant in the Bedroom

Erectile dysfunction drugs can be the big blue elephant in the bedroom, with some men keeping them a secret even from their wives. Though the news about ED is blasted from the TV many times a day, most people don’t know that 50% of men will have THE PROBLEM of erectile dysfuntion at one time or another. It’s a common situation. (more…)

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I’m out of estrogen and I’ve got a gun! – The Hormone Controversy

The good news about a woman’s new lifespan is that you’ll probably live until you’re 80! The bad news is that your habits and choices must support that new longer life. Exercise, excellent eating, and regular check-ups are the basics, but the hormone question comes up when there are problems with hot flashes, energy, sleep, mental focus, and osteoporosis. The headlines about hormones have caused many women – and their doctors – to pitch any consideration of hormone replacement out the window without investigating the facts behind the headlines. (more…)

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Teach him to rub you the right way!

It’s strange, isn’t it? Our culture is saturated with sex – sex on television, in music, in the movies, in a store window in the mall. Yet the last taboo of sex is a man and a woman talking honestly and in detail about what they want.

There’s a desire for the whole thing to happen spontaneously, without each partner having to submit a flowchart for the other to follow. Why can’t this be the one area of our lives that glides along naturally, without having to be illustrated in 27 8×10 photos with circles and arrows and an explanatory paragraph on the back of each one? (more…)

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No More Excuses!

Don’t Let The Top 10 Excuses Keep You From Living A Healthy Life

I don’t have time.
Could you get up earlier or work out after work?
Time spent exercising = time not spent in doctor’s offices, having no energy, picking up prescriptions, and dealing with illness.

I love to eat.
Who doesn’t? Healthy people enjoy their food, but they’re on a budget – calories in are low, strength training and cardio are high. Can you eat half? (more…)

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Lose Your Virginity After 40!

Take responsibility for your sex life and do all those things you’ve thought about.

Virgins don’t know what’s up – you do! Finally take responsibility for your own sexual satisfaction and growth. Stop saying things like “Nice people don’t do that,” “No one wants to have sex with someone who looks like me,” and “I can’t tell my partner what I need – he never gets it.” (more…)

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