Sunny Hersh
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Midlife Mamas On the Moon - Is it Hot in here or is it just HOT

We’re not over the hill, We’ve moved the hill back!

Welcome! Thanks for visiting this site that’s dedicated to helping you celebrate your life with passion and pleasure. The boomers — that bulge in the population that was born between l946 and l964 have decided that 40 is the new 30, and in your 50′s you’re just getting started!

I hope you’ve decided that at this age, you can’t live, laugh, or love too much. Have you ever seen a gravestone that says, She had too many laughs? No, neither have I, but I’ve felt the same pressure you have when too many demands are competing for my time and energy.

Use this site to explore your options and create a cycle of success that will touch your family, your friends and your world. Let’s find the shortcuts to a better life so we have more time to laugh, celebrate life’s milestones, learn new things, and enjoy the journey!